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June 24th–June 28th 2015

Chilled strawberry and lavender soup  6
Heirloom tomatoes, basil oil, mozzarella, saba  6
Green salad, blueberry vinaigrette, hazelnuts  6
Shaved asparagus salad, cherry tomatoes,
Buddha’s hand vinaigrette, Grana Padano  6

Roast garlic and chèvre, crostini  6
Morel and onion tart, whole wheat pastry, Grana Padano  7
Smoked bone marrow, herb caper relish, crostini  8
Salmon crudo, pickled onion, crostini  8
Buffalo flank steak, pole beans, blue cheese dressing  10
Cheese: Brie de Nangis; Rogue smokey Blue;
Ancient Heritage Hannah  11
Netarts Bay oysters (6, raw)*  12

Caraway risotto with morels, asparagus,
parsley butter  16

Lamb osso buco, mint jus, grilled
eggplant, roasted tomatoes  24

Oregon King salmon, sherry-braised lentils,
summer squash, shiso cucumber vinaigrette  28

10 oz. strip steak, horseradish cream,
roasted new potatoes, spinach, chard  30

Cardamom crème brûlée  6
Altamura bread pudding, bourbon caramel  6
Apple banana bread pudding, vanilla bean whipped cream  6